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Born in Milan in 1977, he started playing at the age of 13; official debut at 17 years at the Palashow disco in Cernusco sul naviglio (MI) landmark of the 90s in the East of Milan, this debut led him to collaborate in Milanese clubs participating as Open Night in various clubs in Milan including Atlantique, Magazzini Generali, Hollywood, Plastic Club, 4Centro, various partnerships as the organization of events in different Italian Clubs and public events including the Milan Sixties Fever Festival .
His years of experience in the electronic music and scene have led him not to stop at one musical genre but to explore other genres related to the 60s and 70s, the latter have linked him to Deep Funk, House Music, Garage, SoulFul, Afro, Latin, Jackin House
He is currently working on the creation of his first record. …