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on December 17, 2020

We are an event in live streaming with dj’s all over the world!

our platfmors are mixcloud (www.mixcloud.com/beenoise-rec)

twitch (www.twitch.com/beenoise)

the app Woov (https://app.woov.com/noiseclub-ep2-fb)

and sometime youtube (www.youtube.com/beenoise)

We create awesome Events

partnership & testimonial

beenoise Tv

Every saturday at 4 pm

Academy Deejay powered by Pioneer

A cup ot thea

beenoise attack

Kaotik room

on mixcloud www.mixcloud.com/beenoise-rec

Beenoise Attack

The Official podcast of beenoise rec

every friday at 10 pm on radio dance roma

every saturday at 6 pm on beenoise tv

Noise Club

every two weeks on the app Woov.



Noise Festival

Noise Festival

every 3 months

A Cup of thea

The official podcast by Thea Records

every saturady at midnight on radio dance roma

every saturday at 5 pm on Beenoise TV

Our favorite partnership

partnership and testimonial